Our investment strategy is built on four pillars.

Invest in catalysts
across the value chain

Focus on growth
stage companies

Apply rigorous
investment criteria

Focus on North America

We look for technologies and capabilities that can catalyze
growth and value creation in each vertical of the value chain

Info graphic about capabilities that can be applied accrossed the Agri-Food value chain

Below are selected examples of the catalysts and capabilities
we seek, by vertical: This list is not exhaustive.
We seek innovation in all of its forms.

  • Genetically Enhanced Seeds & Plants
  • Seed Coatings to Improve Plant Health
  • Insects and Microbes to Protect Crops
  • Diagnostics, Artificial Intelligence & Genomic Testing for Livestock
  • Monitoring (Sensors, Drones & Aerial Imagery)
  • Interconnectivity (Data Platforms, IoT)
  • Robotics, Machine Learning and AI
  • Industrial Biotechnology (Fermentation)
  • Web-based Networks & Marketplaces
  • Automation & Artificial Intelligence
  • Identity and Security (RFID Sensors)
  • Transparency & Traceability (Blockchain)
  • Extended Shelf Life for Produce (Lipid coatings)
  • Networks Linking Supply Chain Stakeholders
  • Cultured & Artificial Meat, Plant Based Proteins
  • Clean Label Foods (no Additives, Preservatives)
  • Ingredients and Products that Promote Health
  • Identification of Allergens, Contaminants, Pesticides
  • Conversion of Waste Streams to Value Added Products